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Here at Cambrian Printers we pride ourselves on providing book-958108_1920the very best Hardcover book printing services to businesses and customers throughout the UK, made with the best card and paper to deliver the highest quality product. We understand how difficult it can be to find a business you can trust to provide you with the support you need when it comes to your promotional materials and design aspects, whether that is printing hardcover books, flyers, brochures or more bespoke solutions. Our expert team has worked with a wide variety of companies across many years to deliver the hardcover book printing that they need, and we never fail to deliver exceptional customer service and products.


Hardcover Book Printing by Cambrian Printers

Cambrian Printers are a family owned business that have

been operating since 1860. Ever since that first day our reputation has been built on quality products, exceptional service and technical excellence. We have seen companies come and go, seen business try to drive the cost of printing down and sacrifice quality in the process, yet we’ve maintained a number of commitments. We are committed to providing exceptional products that show your business in the best light, and our Hardcover Book Printing service is an example of that. We are committed not only to you, but also the environment, and ensuring that our footprint is as small as possible continues to drive us forward as market leaders.
These aspects combine with our friendly, knowledgeable and approachable team to make sure your Hardcover Book printing services are delivered with a smile. We operate 7 days week, 24 hours a day, so you can be sure that your brochure printing will be complete on time and within budget.

Premium Quality Hardcover Book Printing

Alongside our commitment to both customers and social responsibility printing-787192_1920we have also maintained a commitment to cutting edge technologies for our Hardcover Book printing services that few other companies can match. We have an in-house finishing and mailing team which has made us the printer of choice for a number of the world’s top publishers across multiple sectors ranging from journals, books, magazines, catalogues and a wide range of commercial products including stationery for businesses. We use only the highest quality printing methods in our Hardcover Book printing services. Our lithographic printing presses, proofs and plates are calibrated to the ISO12647 colour standard, which means that we can reproduce colour incredibly accurately in our hardcover book printing.We know that hardcover books are designed to be pride of place, an item that people can show off in their homes, and the standards that we set internally mean that every hardcover book that we print is worthy of a place in your customers’ homes.

If you’re looking for short run or bespoke brochure printing then our services are second to none. Digital printing can match even the most demanding production schedules and financial targets, all while maintaining incredible production standards. Call us on 01970 627111 or email us on we will get back to you.

Litho Printing UK is at the core of our manufacturing process. However we complement this with two Digital Presses and a comprehensive range of finishing equipment.

Book Printing FAQs

Our booklets go through an incredible journey before arriving at your door. Different binding types suit different needs. They also take different amounts of time to complete. Here’s a quick run-down of what the different printed booklets binding types means. Stapled (AKA stitched) – books are bound with a long metal wire that’s folded, a bit like a more advanced staple. This affordable option is best used for magazines and sales brochures. Perfect bound – the pages are glued to a spine, creating a clean, polished finish resembling a paperback book. This quality printed booklet is perfect for high end mags, catalogues and prospectuses. Wire bound – this book is bound with a silver coil. It has a hard back and front cover, and is ideal for activity books, manuals and diaries.
Depending on a number of variables, a print order of booklets can cost anywhere between $25 and $25,000, and in some cases, even beyond that. The type of paper you choose to print on has a very heavy influence on the pricing of your print order. Most printers have a set of house stocks that they recommend using when you choose to print with them. Choosing an irregular quantity and one of our non-preferred stocks for your paper will result in an exponentially higher price since it’s harder for us to pair with other jobs when laying out our press sheets to print alongside other projects. Some types of paper require for us to specially order them since they’re rarely used. If we have to special order a stock, it will cost us a little more which translates to the final cost of the job for the customer.
Also known as a “printer’s key” or “publisher’s code,” the number line is a string of numbers printed on the copyright page, and it is used to indicate the print run for the book. They are often printed in descending order (10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1) and the lowest number generally indicates the printing of that particular copy. Publishers began using number lines in the early 1940’s, and there is still not an industry-approved, standardised system for this convention. Therefore, each publisher has its own form of identification.