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Here at Cambrian Printers we pride ourselves on providing

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specialist luxury services to businesses and customers throughout the UK. We understand how difficult it can be to find a business you can trust to provide you with the support you need when it comes to your promotional materials, whether that is printing brochures, flyers or more bespoke solutions. Our expert team has worked with a wide variety of companies across many years to deliver the high quality brochure printing they need, and we never fail to deliver exceptional customer service and products.


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Cambrian Printers are a family owned business that have printing-787192_1920been operating since 1860. Ever since that first day our reputation has been built on quality products, exceptional service and technical excellence. We have seen companies come and go, seen business try to drive the cost of printing down and sacrifice quality in the process, yet we’ve maintained a commitment. We are committed to providing exceptional products that show your business in the best light, and our Brochure and Catalogue Printing service is an example of that.
We are committed not only to you, but also the environment, and ensuring that our footprint is as small as possible continues to drive us forward as market leaders.
These aspects combine with our friendly, knowledgeable and approachable team to make sure your printing services are delivered with a smile. We operate 7 days week, 24 hours a day, so you can be sure that your brochures will be completed on time and within budget.

Premium Quality Printing

Alongside our commitment to both customers and social responsibility Brochure Paperwe have also maintained a commitment to cutting edge technologies for our printing that few can match. We have an in-house finishing and mailing team which has made us the printer of choice for a number of the world’s top publishers across multiple sectors ranging from journals, books, magazines, catalogues, folded leaflets and a wide range of commercial products including stationery for businesses.
We use only the highest quality printing methods in our printing services. Our lithographic printing presses, proofs and plates are calibrated to the ISO12647 colour standard, which means that we can reproduce colour incredibly accurately in our printing.
If you’re looking for short run or bespoke printing services then our services are second to none. Digital print can match even the most demanding production schedules and financial targets, all while maintaining incredible production standards.

Market Leading Brochure Production

Cambrian Printers are recognised market leaders in the printing sector, through a combination of our expert and friendly team, incredible printing methods and short turnarounds we are relied upon by many specialist businesses for their printing requirements. With a wide range of services available our client base has grown beyond just brochure printing into a number of other sectors. We also have many over services such as hardcover book printing, booklet printing and catalogue printing. Call us on 01970 627111 or drop us an email to if you have any questions or would like to enquire about our range of services.

Litho Printing UK is at the core of our manufacturing process. However we complement this with two Digital Presses and a comprehensive range of finishing equipment to offer a range of finishes including perfect bound brochures. If you have confidential or sensitive information to print, we will never leak any information with our secure printing.

Brochure Printing FAQs

It is difficult to put a solid figure on how much printing costs as there are many factors that can influence the final price. These can include: 1. The number of brochures to be printed 2. Whether you want full colour or greyscale 3. The number of pages in the brochure 4. The type of finish and binding 5. The turnaround time. Our team at Cambrian Printers would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote once we full understand what you are looking for in a final product. Call us on 01970 627111.
This again has a few variables that can alter the length of time it would take to complete a job. It is vitally important that you begin the process as early as possible to avoid any potential delays. Factors such as quantity, type of finish and printing method can all have an effect on turnaround time. However, at Cambrian Printers, we are proud to offer short turnaround times, where needed, without diminishing the quality of the final product. We actually have a specific team dedicated to the jobs that are needed quickly.
This depends on the type of organisation you are. We have worked with and printed brochures for organisations across many different industries from auction houses to schools. Generally speaking, ensuring the brochure remains aligned with your brand is important so, colours, logos, headlines, organisation name and contact information are frequently included. We would be more than happy to use our experience to help you decide what else should be included within your brochure.
We think a good brochure should: • Have a clear purpose • Keep the audience in mind at all times • Be eye catching and feel premium to the touch We can help you with all of these things to ensure you end up with a final product that will blow your audience away.

Yes, printed brochures can still be effective in certain situations. While digital marketing has gained significant popularity, printed brochures offer unique benefits that can complement your overall marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons why printed brochures can still be effective:

  1. Tangible and memorable: Printed brochures provide a physical medium that your audience can hold and interact with. This tactile experience can leave a lasting impression, making it easier for people to remember your brand and message.

  2. Targeted distribution: Printed brochures can be strategically distributed to specific locations or events where your target audience is present. This allows you to reach potential customers directly and engage them with your marketing materials.

  3. Enhanced brand perception: A well-designed and professionally printed brochure can convey a sense of quality and credibility. It showcases your brand's attention to detail, which can positively impact how your audience perceives your products or services.

  4. Offline engagement: Not everyone is constantly connected to the internet. Printed brochures provide an opportunity to reach those individuals who may not engage with digital media regularly. By providing a physical brochure, you can capture the attention of this audience and drive them to your online platforms for further engagement.

  5. Supplementary marketing tool: Printed brochures can complement your digital marketing efforts by featuring QR codes, personalized URLs, or social media handles. This allows recipients to easily transition from the physical brochure to the online space, creating a seamless customer journey.

However, it's important to consider your target audience, the nature of your business, and budget limitations when deciding whether to incorporate printed brochures into your marketing mix. A well-rounded approach that combines both digital and print marketing channels may yield the best results.

Remember, the effectiveness of printed brochures will vary based on your specific industry, target audience, and marketing objectives. It's essential to continuously monitor and analyze the results of your marketing campaigns to make informed decisions.