At Cambrian Printers, a genuine concern for reducing our environmental impact is at the core of everything we do.

By operating in an integrated manner the environment becomes part and parcel of everyday working methods, enabling meaningful savings to be made and by joining up procedures and practices in sustainable printing.

Training and awareness of all members of staff, coupled with strong systems and nationally recognised best practices, help maintain a ‘green printer’ ethos.

Coupled with green printing we offer the option of a green paper – FSC ® approved substrates, along with other green paper such as 100 per cent recycled stock. Monitoring and evaluation, together with the implementation of new policies, are essential components to making significant business improvements and facilitating truly sustainable printing.

In order for an environmentally-friendly printing company to be successful it is critical that its underlying culture is embedded in the customs of the organisation claiming green printer status. We view sustainable printing as a major part of our commercial strategy, ensuring green printing benefits the environment, our partners and future generations.

Through setting realistic targets and involving all stakeholders, strong environmental management makes good business sense. So, when you need a green printer who prints on green paper producing eco-friendly products in a sustainable printing manner, there really is only one choice.

Responsible waste management

  • All hazardous waste is collected by a registered waste carrier in compliance with Hazardous Waste Regulations, and over 90 per cent is recycled.
  • All aluminium is recycled, from printing plates to drink cans.
  • All paper waste from production is recycled; most office paper waste is recycled.
  • Almost all paper waste is recycled, from pallet wrap to milk cartons.
  • Most food waste goes into our onsite wormery.

Paper sourcing

  • Cambrian Printers print on FSC ® certified paper as standard. We are also able to source a wide range of recycled sheets whenever required by our customers.
  • If you are printing on our FSC ®  house sheet, and wish to promote the fact, then you can download FSC ®  logos for inclusion into your publication. Please contact us to obtain these.
  • Please *Click Here* to view our FSC Chain of Custody Product Classification Table.

To reduce the environmental impacts of our products we:

  • Aim to produce our customer’s products on responsibly sourced paper such as FSC ®  or paper with a recycled content, depending on the client’s preference.
  • Manufacture from chemical free printing plates, on state of the art presses which use vegetable-based inks.
  • Offer soft proofing and FTP uploading of files to reduce materials and resources.
  • Produce all work in-house to diminish transport miles – as far as operational factors allow.
  • Offer reduced packing options, all of which can be recycled.
  • Recommend that at end of life all our products can be recycled if the customer wishes.
  • Add the appropriate logo to remind the end users that the product is recyclable.
  • Recycle all our waste but ONLY after making every effort to reduce or eliminate it.
  • Carry out Duty of Care visits to all our major suppliers to assess their environmental practices.
  • Commit to environmental best practice before, during and after production so that our customers can have justifiable faith in our green credentials.