Prospectus Printing


One of our most requested services comes in the form of prospectus printing from educational organisations. Our high quality printing services are perfect for school prospectus and we also print prospectuses for university establishments and colleges. When a parent, or anyone, is deciding upon where to send their children or where to go to further their education, every detail makes a difference. Our premium school prospectuses makes sure that your school, college or university gives the right impression from the very first initiation.


School Prospectus Printing

Cambrian Printers have been doing school brochure printing for many years now and we pride ourselves on the quality of our finished products. We know that you, and potential students, will be impressed by the print quality no matter if we use our lithographic printers or our digital printing capabilities. We want to make sure that you get exactly the prospectus that you wanted so we work closely with you to understand your design, work with you if you need help in the design process, and guide you through your range of choices from which printing method to use (lithographic or digital) to what paper would best suit your requirements. Once all is in order we pride ourselves on our speedy turnaround times and we can deliver anywhere in the UK.

University Prospectus Design

The job of a prospectus is to provide the reader with as much information as possible about your establishment which allows them to make an informed choice about where they (or someone else) should go to school or university. It is not only the words and pictures on the pages, however, that helps them to build an idea about your establishment in their mind. A poorly printed prospectus on cheap feeling paper will give the reader a poor impression meaning they will, more than likely, choose somewhere different. Not only do we have top quality printing equipment and use premium paper for our print jobs but we also offer a wide range of binding options so that the finish on your prospectus looks neat and professional. We will be happy to talk you through the finishing options available to you and show you examples so that you can achieve the best quality final product.

If you or your educational establishment require a beautiful new prospectus please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01970 627111. Alternatively, if you have any enquiries on offset litho printing UK, you can e-mail your questions and queries to

Litho Printing UK is at the core of our manufacturing process. However we complement this with two Digital Presses and a comprehensive range of finishing equipment. If you have confidential or sensitive information to print, we will never leak any information with our secure printing.