Printing Services


We see price, quality, service, and turnaround as key to our success, and we’re constantly evolving in all areas to make sure we remain at the forefront of each.

Lithographic & Digital Printing Services

We speak to our customers; we get to know you and what you need from your print and we will go to the extreme limits of what we are capable of to satisfy your needs.

Because we know it’s not just about ink on paper, we take great pride in our assets, investing in state of the art lithographic and digital presses whilst utilising materials of only the finest quality. Our KBA and Heidelberg lithographic presses are equipped with the most advanced plate change technology enabling us to move quickly from one section to the next. The greater the page and section count of a product, the more efficiently our presses perform.

Our litho presses are backed up by two HP Indigo digital presses, the HP5600 and HP7800. These allow for personalisation, and market leading quality regardless of what run length is required.

We print from complete print ready PDFs supplied to us by you the client, offering a range of proofing options and world class control of colour to give you peace of mind. Free Digital Editions of your PDF’s can be supplied on request.

When it comes to finishing, PUR Binding, Perfect Binding, Section Sewing, Saddle-Stitching and Laminating are all completed in house and are complemented by an onsite Case Binding facility. Mailing services include Inkjetting, Tabbing and Polywrapping.

Cambrian Printers are an all in one solution for your colour printing needs, backed up by market leading technology, quality control and environmental credentials. Our services are great for all kinds of printing including magazine printing, booklet printing, and many more.