Online Quoting Guide


This page is intended to help you with the basics of our online quoting tool. However, if you would rather step through an actual quote online with some assistance then please feel free to call our Commercial Department on 01970 613054 and we will happily talk you through the process.

Once you have registered, logged in and selected a product type you should be presented with a form to complete with the specification of your job. First of all give the quote your title (eg “my booklet”), click “create me” to give the quote a unique identifier (job reference) and choose up to three quantities for the system to price up. Ignore the “project” field.

You will then need to specify the size of your job, the number of pages and the colours. Standard sizes eg A4 can be entered by clicking them. Enter non-standard sizes in milimetres. The form then splits into left and right hand columns, with text on the left and cover on the right. Select the number of pages you need, the paper type you need for cover and text and then the colours. Full colour printing is indicated by the default 4xprocess setting and this covers most of what we do.

You then just need to choose a binding method. Generally only up to 96pp can be saddle stitched, and over 64pp can be perfect bound. If you want to laminated the cover of your book then choose laminate “front matt” or “front gloss” in the right hand column only

When you are happy you have entered your spec correctly click “get quotes” and your price should be calculated within a minute. Click here to register and find out how easy it is!

Glossary of terms you will come across when using our online quoting system

Self Cover – a type of booklet where the weight of the outer four pages are identical to those of the inner pages.

GSM – stands for Grams per Square Metre, which is the weight of the material, either cover or text, that is required for your project

Gloss – this is a type of finish, and can be through either the paper chosen, or the lamination on the outer cover. Gloss offers the shiniest type of finish available.
Silk/Satin – this type of finish is similar to gloss, though not as glossy.

Offset – a third type of finish, though uncoated unlike gloss/silk/satin.

Sealing – this allows protection of the printed text/images. Not required on uncoated papers, and generally only required on silk/satin papers above 115gsm, as paper weights below that do not have sufficient coating on them to require sealing.

4 Colour Process – made up of cyan, magenta, yellow and black, the four main colours for printing. Otherwise known as “full colour”

Pantone – this is a specific colour, which cannot always be matched by printing out of the four process colours, but cannot be printed by us digitally.

Lamination – this is a film coating for outer covers, which commonly comes in finishes of either gloss, matt or silk. It provides protection for the printed image on covers, and offers a superior finish to unlaminated surfaces.

Spot UV – A similar type of finish to lamination, though only certain images would have the glossy finish, rather than the whole cover. Ideal for making individual images or words stand out on covers.

Binding – the type of finish required for books/booklets/magazines etc.

Saddlestitch (Stitch & trim) – this is a binding type where pages are folded, collated and stapled together using two staples, and trimmed to size. Ideal for booklets up to approx 80pp, depending on paper weights required.

Perfect Bound – this is the next step up from saddlestitch, though there is a minimum spine width requirement of 3mm. Folded sections are collated together, with a drawn on cover with hot glue.
Notch/Burst Bound – this type of bind is very similar to perfect bound, including cost. The only difference is that when the folded sections are folded, little notches are made into the spine, which allows more glue to seep through when going through the binding process, allowing for a stronger bind.

Section Sewing – this is another type of bind we can do in-house, though it unfortunately cannot be quoted online. The folded sections are collated and thread sewn together, before drawing on and gluing the cover. This allows for a much stronger type of bind. Please contact us directly if you would like a quotation for this option.

Exworks – where no delivery cost is included.