Author makes big leap into self publishing with our help

Published on: January 2nd, 2014 | Category: General News

Dorothy is a self publisher who started working with Cambrian Printers a couple of years ago having no DTP or print experience. We’ve worked closely with Dorothy since 2009 to help her produce six books so far, including children’s books and tour guides.

I published two books before I decided to go my own way as a self publisher and Cambrian Printers was recommended to me by a couple of people. Although I am reasonably computer literate, when it comes to the printing side of things, I really didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was doing!
I must say I just cannot speak highly enough of Dai Jones and Chris Haines. They have taken me through every step of the way and have been absolutely great to work with. I’ve always done all of the writing, pictures and layout myself, but when I’ve finished a book I would then come in to the office and sit down with Chris at his desk. We would go through it page-by-page, checking it and making sure it was all okay. He would let me know where I may have gone wrong and would advise me every step of the way – I really can’t speak highly enough of Chris.

I am quite au fait with Photoshop, so was happy to do all of that myself, but Cambrian Printers were there to help me decide on things such as what sort of paper to go for. I’ve never needed to go into much detail with them about the technology behind the printing and have trusted them to get it right, which is probably the best thing for a customer who just wants to see the end result. When they had the floods I was shown around the place to see all the new equipment, which was fascinating, but to be honest I haven’t thought about that side of things and have left it in their capable hands!
They are always at the end of the phone or will even pop by if they are in the area and I need help. As somebody who has written a book and doesn’t know a thing about printing, the fact that they are there on the end of the phone and always ready with advice is absolutely marvellous. I’ve already recommended them to a couple of other people who have written books, especially because I find their prices competitive, as it’s always good to compare quotes. When you find people who are good to work with it makes it much easier to go back to them for future projects.