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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Why you need great Business Cards

February 26th, 2015
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Business cards have always been vitally important to present your brand and allow for a bit of promotion on the go. In the digital age there are some who argue that business cards aren’t quite as important as they used to be, but they’d be overlooking an extremely effective tool that can be handed out…

Digital Printing vs Litho Printing – Everything You Need to Know

February 16th, 2015
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Here at Cambrian Printers, our job is to make sure that your design looks as fantastic in print as it does on-screen. Those who are having marketing materials or designs printed for the first time may not realise that there are two different types of printing to choose from. However, it is imperative that you…

5 Top Tips for a Great Book Cover

February 16th, 2015
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Everyone knows that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately some people just can’t help it. Many self-published books have great content, but front cover design lets them down. To avoid losing readers and to help your book stand out on the shelf,

The Benefits of Digital Printing

February 16th, 2015
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Digital print took the industry by storm in the 90s, and since then its only gone from strength to strength. There are many reasons for its fast growth, from speed, to low costs and it offers customers a lot more in a much smaller amount of time. Through the use of digital printing many companies…