The Benefits of Digital Printing

Published on: February 16th, 2015 | Category: Print

Digital print took the industry by storm in the 90s, and since then its only gone from strength to strength. There are many reasons for its fast growth, from speed, to low costs and it offers customers a lot more in a much smaller amount of time. Through the use of digital printing many companies were able to cut down on bills and still be left with a high level of quality. Here are some reasons why digital print became so popular over the years:

Environmentally friendly

Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than conventional printing as there are no pre-press stages between the digital document file and the final print. This means there’s no need to use film plates or photo chemicals, and the whole process is much greener. If your company wants to boost its green credentials then digital printing is one method that’ll do the job nicely.

Cut down on costs

There are some big financial savings to be made after taking advantage of digital printing. It gives customers increased flexibility as they don’t have to meet minimum orders or quotas that you usually would with traditional printing. This freedom means that businesses and individuals can save money and get the exact amount of items that they need.


Digital printing allows a much quicker response time due to the fact it needs minimal press setup. The whole process is simplified and streamlined, meaning that traditional plates and film are not needed. There’s also no need for plate mounting, no registration adjustments and no ink keys. As there are less steps involved in the process of digital printing then the final products can be delivered in a much quicker amount of time.

Short runs

Digital printing is able to produce short to medium runs in much more effective ways. Digital data is easily stored, so changes can be made before printing or in the following batch. There’s no need to bulk stock or dump out of date stock with digital printing, as it allows for much more effective print management. It’s clear that there are many advantages to digital printing, and it’s no wonder it became so popular in a relatively short time frame. Overall it’s quicker, better quality and cuts down on costs, which makes it a great way to complete your projects. If you’re after digital printing then you need to be in contact with a company that holds a proven record of quality and believes in excellent customer care. Cambrian Printers provides flexible solutions for your bespoke projects and whatever your needs, we’re sure we can help. Get in touch with our team today to find out all you need to know about digital printing and hear about what we can do for you.