Digital Print from our team at Sprint

Published on: January 2nd, 2014 | Category: General News

Sometimes in the world of print we just need a few copies and we need them fast. Nowadays digital printing companies can be found dotted around the country and on the internet, with options of web to print
solutions and pre-formatted, easy designs.

It’s no surprise then that last year Cambrian Printers rolled out the baby of the family with a digital print team, Sprint @Cambrian Printers. Established following the floods of 2012, the self-contained small offshoot business was launched to provide high quality short run printing services. “Launching our own digital department has been a departure from the more traditional print forms previously used by Cambrian Printers,” says Kieran O’Connor, MD of Cambrian Printers. “At the same time, the digital presses of today can provide amazing and varied printed materials ideal for smaller businesses and individuals who need something printed.”
The young team at Sprint are already taking it places and seeing great results. Sarah Brookes from Sprint explains how varied the print work can be: “We can be printing wedding stationery in the morning, school yearbooks at lunch time and round off the day with flyers for a local bar. What we print is up to your imagination and with the ability to print from as little as just one copy we can really help people produce quality marketing and promotional material, as well as personal things like baby announcement cards, posters to promote a party or standard business cards. It’s a great job and I love it because it’s so varied and focused on the customers’ personal needs and ideas.”

Working with customers to help them achieve the product they want is key to Sprint and runs in line with Cambrian Printers’ ethos to put the customer first. Eleanor Haines is part of the Sprint team and helps customers with layout and colours. She says: “Most of our customers don’t have a designer or the software to layout their work so we help when we can to achieve the look they want – it’s very rewarding.”

“Not everyone can do their own designs, and online solutions aren’t always the way forward. With this in mind, Sprint provides an ‘in-between’ service to help clients with their layout and advise them on how to get a great result, without breaking the bank.”