The Advantages of Litho Printing

Published on: May 21st, 2015 | Category: General News

Ever since we were established way back in 1860 – 155 years ago – our workers have overseen all of the major developments in the printing world. We are well aware of the very latest industry developments and a crucial part of modern day printing is using litho presses. We have the best technology available to reliably print brochures and catalogues among several other things for businesses around the UK. This form of printing is an important part of promotional distribution for several businesses with different uses depending on the nature of their company. It has a range of benefits that helps us maintain a good reputation in an industry that is always seeing technological developments.

Excellent Value

Lithography was invented all the way back in 1798 in order to provide people with a cheaper alternative to copperplate engraving. This technique traditionally used limestone tablets and aluminium or zinc plates were also other options. For larger products this is a very cost-effective method for companies requiring commercial quantities with superb quality. For magazines, books, brochures, catalogues and leaflets in different styles, sizes and finishes you have arrived at a reliable place for terrific printing results. For any input regarding your ideas please do not hesitate in contacting a member of our experienced team.

Quick Process

Some web press lithographic machines are able to print as many as 50,000 sheets per hour. In this day and age the theory of accelerated culture is seen in almost all aspects of life. With quicker internet on smaller devices the speed and convenience of things is really what counts. You can count on us to quickly produce what you want by our litho printing. We realise how useful getting things done swiftly and correctly is across many areas of life. The quicker work is done the quicker you can distribute information to your target audience and move a step ahead of rival companies.

Printing Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of litho printing is the fact that it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces which offers a good alternative from just paper. The surface needs to be smooth and practical so images can be printed by lithography without hampering the quality of finish. Other surfaces include leather, plastic, wood, cloth and metal. This widens the possibilities for companies looking for something unique and eye-catching which will promote their brand effectively.

For more information about the advantages of litho printing please feel free to contact a member of our team at Cambrian Printers by phoning 01970 627111 or by sending us a question online. We pride ourselves on our results and customer service that leaves our clients fully satisfied with our work. You can also send an email to us by using the address The benefits of litho printing are clear so don’t waste any time by getting in touch today.