The Benefits of Compliment Slips

Published on: May 1st, 2015 | Category: Print

Compliment slips are a fantastic way of adding a personal touch to your products. They’re a way in which you can subtly engage with your customers and bolster your relationship with them. A well-designed compliment slip can even be an easy way to keep your customers coming back for more.

Think about it – the first thing your customer will see when they open their delivery is a thank you note. That immediately puts a smile on their face – especially when it wasn’t expected. They put your compliment slip to one side for a second, and turn to their delivery. They’ve been eagerly waiting for this, and now that it’s here they’re in a much more receptive mood. They turn back to your compliment slip for a more detailed look.

Your compliment slip is there, quiet and unobtrusive, showing off your professionalism. Your logo, contact details, slogans and USPs are all there in personalised fonts and custom artwork, reinforcing your brand identity. Your customer, already impressed, then notices a line of text offering them a discount code on their next purchase, as a special thanks for being a valued customer. This could possibly even point them towards a promotion you’re running. Compliment slips are a perfect way to point customers towards any promotions you’re running as the offer of a discount will have plenty of customers coming back to see what bargains they can secure.

Visual stimulants like compliment slips are a fantastic way to promote your business and build customer loyalty. Even if you aren’t offering monetary incentives to return to your site, your customers will appreciate the professional touch of a compliment slip and the feeling that they are valued and being looked after. If you have any questions about how compliment slips could complement your marketing strategy, call Cambrian Printers today.