The Benefits of PUR Binding

Published on: April 17th, 2015 | Category: Print

PUR (polyurethane reactive) glue is used as an incredibly popular method of binding that rivals alternative binding methods. PUR has only been used as a book binding method since around 1989, and it’s cold based glue that provides superior adhesion to alternatives such as EVA glue. Since its implementation in the industry, the use of PUR has increased dramatically. It is often chosen over other standard hot-melt adhesives for a number of reasons. Here at Cambrian Printers, we have chosen the top five benefits of PUR binding.


The strength of a PUR-bound book is more than 2.5 times greater than that of a bound book using EVA adhesive. The PUR adhesive is so strong that it will simply not fall apart, even under heavy usage. The adhesive also means that the book is able to lie flat without ‘breaking’ the bind or spine. The composition of the PUR also enables it to form strong bonds with the paper despite the presence of inks, coatings and varnishes.


A common concern when using an EVA adhesive is that they will not last in extremely hot or cold temperatures. These products are often likely to suffer melting spines or cold cracking, which can cause the bound product to fall apart. The PUR adhesive is impervious to extreme temperatures, meaning that it can be used on products anywhere.


PUR allows those who are looking for binding services to have a wide range of design options. The adhesive allows for the successful binding of materials that would not have been attempted using conventional methods. This means that there is a wider of range of paper types available for those who choose PUR-binding. It also means that a square spine can be achieved on even the thinnest of books.


PUR binding is suitable for an extensive range of products including books, magazines, directories, catalogues, brochures and journals. Covering a much wider page count from 48pp to 800+pp, PUR binding is suitable to almost anyone who is looking for binding services. This adhesive can provide flexibility once cured to almost all printed products.

Cost Effective

The method of PUR binding is incredibly cost effective. With its application being possible on most products, whilst still remaining incredibly strong, PUR binding is an excellent choice for publishers looking for binding services. Thread sewing-binding can be pricey and does not offer the same levels of durability that PUR-binding can offer. With a 40% to 60% better page pull in comparison to EVA-adhesive, publishers are increasingly looking to benefit from the strength, flexibility and versatility of PUR.