The Importance of Sustainable Printing Practices

Published on: July 20th, 2015 | Category: General News

Efficiency has always been a buzzword among businesses across several industries as they strive to deliver success in their specific field. Although this word may be overused, its importance remains crucial in the digital age. Becoming a reliable company takes considerable work and sustainability is essential for ambitious employers looking to progress. A simple way of becoming more efficient is by being environmentally-friendly – one study states that 82 per cent of consumers want to buy and use products that are eco-friendly. Going digital can be effective at lowering your carbon footprint, but it is not guaranteed to be significantly better than the process someone was using beforehand.

Printing is one area a business can become more efficient in, and this is not just limited to using greener materials. Having said this, the choice of environmentally friendly materials can make a major impact on a project’s sustainability. At Cambrian Printers we were able to reduce our landfill waste by a quarter in just one year. We are always aware of the impact our work has on the environment and we use vegetable-based inks that are free of petroleum. Using renewable materials is essential for different sorts of companies, none more so than printing services.

We use recycled paper and our reduced packing options can all be used again. Having responsible waste management for every area of your company really helps and can save decent sums of money. Over 90 per cent of our hazardous waste is recycled and we follow the Hazardous Waste Regulations Act. By following legislation there is less energy consumption and a firm’s running costs are likely to be lower. It is estimated that around 45 trillion pages are printed each year – so there is bound to be plenty of wasted print materials.

Reducing the amount of paper by trimming just an inch off booklets can save significant material without affecting the quality of your finished product. Good environmental practices are effective at delivering reliable results with the main benefit of cutting waste, which can prove to be costly in the long term. At Cambrian Printers we are conscious of the environmental impact of printing and how we can be sustainable for the benefit of not just ourselves, but our customers as well.